Here, we help create an Escape Room experience at ComiCon San Diego to unlock the escape door via bluetooth connection between the Arduino device on the door lock, and the application requesting the passcode.  The result?  An Escape Room experience that captured the space-themed television show's ambiance, complete with automatic doors that unlock for the code-crackers.


Creating apps and games requires a variety of special skills.  Sometimes, just one of these skills can be used to achieve exciting feats as well.  Here, 3d modeling is used to digitally recreate a real world object for 3d printing.  

It doesn't have to stop there.  Marrying creative genius and technical expertise lends itself useful for every industry.  

You figure out the what, we'll figure out the how


From augmented reality, virtual reality, and traditional gaming, to marketing, design, and practical applications; our goal is to add original and dynamic user interaction - in every capacity we can.